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The 7 Aspects Most Requested by Homebuyers on the Spanish Coast


The needs of each client are unique. However, there are some aspects that most share in their search for properties in Spain. In this article we mention the main ones.


Who opts for one area or another in Spain? What type of property? And what for? There are many factors, as there are many clients with different needs. Overall, foreign clients are attracted to the Spanish coast with a preference for the exceptional climate, relaxed lifestyle, Mediterranean customs, beautiful beaches, etc.

Whether you want a home for retirement, for holidays or as an investment, there are common elements that make us opt for one or the other. The truth be told, what is sought is a home to enjoy: a good location, close to amenities and above all, everything that enables comfort and relaxation.

Grupo Moraira reveals what aspects influence those who are deciding what they want from their coastal property:


1. Villas with sea views.


If we are looking for a house near the sea, what is most valued are the views of the coast, an essential element in the holiday home. The sea is a treasure and to look at the horizon provides the ultimate feeling of tranquility and quality of life.


2. Areas of coastline with all services.


Here many factors are taken into account: the environment, prices, cultural sites and leisure. The quality of life on offer, healthy diet and sports activities, among others. So, with regards to this, the Mediterranean coast is one of the favourites for buyers. With extraordinary value, an exceptionally rich natural and cultural environment and the Mediterranean lifestyle with its gastronomy and healthy habits, these are some of the advantages that characterize the Spanish coast and they can be found in this area, making it among the favourite places to enjoy your free time.


3. Good access to transport network.


The proximity of residential complexes, within easy access to airports, train stations or AVE and the main roads, are factors highly valued by search engines when looking for homes on the Spanish coast. And for those who are not from Spain, it is very important to be close to all amenities, transport and connections with their home countries.


4. Amenities within the development itself.


Offering pools, spa, clubhouse, cafeteria with outdoor terraces, children's playground, jacuzzi, gym and entertainment and shopping: When looking for a summer property all the services that a resort or vacation resort can provide, makes them the most influential. The goal is to have all services and of the highest quality at hand so as not to interrupt your holiday.


5. After Sales Services.


Today, not only do you need to think about the buying of a property but also the attention that you will need later, following the purchase: decorating, furniture, facilities once the formalities of signing are complete and management of services water, electricity and gas, etc.

It deserves a special mention, that in compliance with the deadlines of the house purchase, the property is equipped with all the things it needs and is supervised. It is of great value to a client for this to be provided and to simplify their life, more so, when the buyer is not a native. Enjoy your home in Spain from day one without worrying about anything, for the client in particular, a lot of weight and worry can be lifted.


6. Guarantees of the product sold.


Confidence in the company who are helping with the purchase of housing should be fundamental. The ultimate delivery of the home to the buyer must respond exactly to the characteristics that were agreed before construction or at the point of sale. It is therefore essential to find a real estate company you can trust and find comments and recommendations from previous buyers.


7. Cutting Edge and integration into the environment.


More and more clients are choosing options that offer effective solutions both in terms of space, modern comforts and care in design. The same is true of residential properties as a whole: innovative and fully integrated designs leading into the architectural design environment are highly appreciated as it is considered they make the experience of living even more comfortable and enjoyable.


Grupo Moraira, Reliable Estate Agents in Costa Blanca North


If you are looking for a property in Spain to enjoy the best standard of living, you have reached the right place. At Grupo Moraira we are estate agents who will help you to find the best property for your needs. If this property does not exist yet, we can build it for you.

Quality, innovation and client satisfaction have always been the objectives of GRUPO MORAIRA. To achieve it, we create dwellings with high architectonic quality, custom-made for each client and always using the latest construction techniques.

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